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Your Spiritual Journey - a practical guide to exploring mind, body and soul for a happier you! Whether your spiritual side helps to boost your sense of happiness, fires up the flames of love or conjures a sense of empowerment in your day-to-day life, creating and channeling positive energy is a fantastic way to propel yourself towards achieving your most sought-after goals. Of course, the power to do this comes from within, but everyone can do with a little divine intervention to help us along every now and again! With that in mind, we've created this handy guide full of soulful inspiration and divided it into three sections - mindful living, spiritual development and divination guide - to give you the tools you need to get the life you want. In these pages, you will discover how keeping in touch with the Universe and Mother Nature can help you uncover a deeper understanding of the world of spirituality. You can also flick through to explore the positive effects of daydreaming and doodling on your wellbeing.
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